*medea by euripides .

In no fewer than 600 words, answer the following prompt: Using specific lines from the text and the elements specifically discussed in the lecture, detail how “Medea” reflects Greek Drama and analyze why Medea does what she does in the play. Justify or condemn her actions. Specifically cite the text at least three times in… Continue reading *medea by euripides .

Double spaced.

In detail, analyze and evaluate “Othello”. Make sure to review, in detail: -Acting -Scene design (including lights and sound) -Costume -Overall show 600 word minimum. College level writing. Double spaced. See less instructions

What is the major conflict he is facing in the play?

Read the script of Brighton beach memoirs https://kupdf.net/download/brighton-beach-memoirs_5afefdd1e2b6f5230b50c26c_pdf If any of your responses are less than 100 words in length, you will not receive a passing grade for this assignment. Answer these in order. Do not skip any of these questions. Use at least one quote from the play to support each of your responses.… Continue reading What is the major conflict he is facing in the play?